Graphine research supported by the Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology

We are happy to announce that Graphine secured a substantial grant from IWT, the Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology. This additional funding will allow Graphine to fully realize its ambitious research roadmap over the next couple of years. At Graphine, we strongly believe in constant innovation to bring the most advanced texture streaming and texture compression solutions to the market.

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A technical look at our texture streaming middleware: the Granite SDK

We've added an in-depth technical overview of our texture streaming middleware: the Granite SDK. In this overview we first discuss our texture streaming system. Then, we give a general estimate of the extra compression that the integrated texture codecs can obtain versus fixed length coding, such as DXT. Furthermore, we go into detail about how the Granite SDK can - on top of more classic texture streaming methods, such as mipmap loading and clipmapping - support advanced, tile based streaming methods ideal for virtual texturing or partially resident textures.
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GDC Demo Video

The following video explains the tech behind our recent GDC demo. The video shows how 4.3 Gigapixels of texture data can easily be visualized in real-time using our Granite texture streaming library. This is achieved by making the texture only partially resident in GPU memory, saving a lot of memory at run time. Our efficient decompression and transcoding engine then makes sure data is streamed from disc when it becomes needed by the application. Or you can just watch the video for a more visual explanation of the whole process.
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Behind the scenes of the demo aircraft

Peter Boehme has posted some behind-the-scenes info and concept art over at his blog. It displays some of the design revisions we went through before finalizing on the current aircraft.
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GDC demo is live

The last few weeks, we’ve been working very hard to get our demo finished in time for GDC...

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