Demo progress

Our demo is really starting to come together, most of the subsystems are finished, Peter is finalizing the airplane art, and we've got landscape and sea rendering looking good. (See the teaser shot attached to this post.)

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The first demo concepts are ready

We just got the first concepts back from our concept artist Peter Boehme. Peter's helping us to make sure our new technology demo looks kick-ass from an artistic point of view.The technology we'll handle ourselves of course.

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Meet us at GDC 2013 and Game Connection in San Francisco

We happily leave the Belgian winter behind and go to San Francisco for GDC 2013 and Game Connection. We're looking forward to meet you all there!
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Welcome to the jungle

We just settled down in our new offices and already made a reputation for ourselves as being the most extravagant office in the building. That's what you get when you stuff lots of plants, colored leds, and terminator head pen holders into a dimly lit room. Of course all of this is to make sure we achieve our highest productivity level.

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Meet us at Game Connection

We will be at Game Connection in Paris, contact us if you would like to set up a meeting.
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