The Making of Granite’s Megalith GDC 2016 Demo

How many megapixels can you cram in one scene? With our Megalith tech demo we wanted to show the crowd at GDC 2016 how Granite can be used to stream PBR materials, and lots of them! This blog post talks a bit about the demo and how we put it together. If you want to try out Granite yourself, check out the free trial for Unreal here.

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Granite for Unreal 4.12 is out!

Following the fast paced release schedule of the Unreal Engine, Granite for Unreal 4.12 is out and available in our source repository. The new precompiled engine and trial build will soon follow.

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Graphine in Montreal VFX hub

Last week we were in Montreal for the VFX and animation conference effects MTL. It was a great opportunity for us to mingle with our partners in one of the most buoyant places in the world for VFX and animation. With companies from Quebec and Ontario and British Columbia, Canada was well represented. We also met companies from the USA and even Mexico! It was a great opportunity to meet with existing and future Granite users.

A busy Expo!

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Survios joins the list of Granite's users

We are very proud to announce that VR pioneers Survios is now a licensee of Granite SDK.

As you can see on their web site, every one of their projects looks more exciting than the others!.

One of their most famous projects, Raw Data, the first co-op VR project will be coming to Early Access very soon. Check their Steam page or their web site for more information.

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Granite for Unreal 4.11 is out

Launched just last week, Unreal Engine 4.11 is a major update that focused a lot on improving the render performance. It’s a critical release for every VR project that is aiming to launch in the next months now that the headsets are out. So we made sure we released just days after the final 4.11.

On top of the performance benefits in Unreal, Granite users will experience an additional major performance increase. We’ve offloaded almost all the Granite work from the render thread saving up to 2 milliseconds in some extreme cases.

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