Granite for Unity 5 out for $20 / month!

We’re happy to introduce our new plugin Granite for Unity 5. In short, it’s easier to use and you can now get the full featured version for $20 / month!

Granite for Unity 5 is based on our Granite SDK, the most advanced texture streaming system available (patents pending). Granite SDK has been used for high-end games like Dragon Commander and Get Even. It allows you to use textures up to 256Kx256K, hundreds of 4K or 8K textures, VFX graded UDIM textures, … all with only a few hundred megabytes of memory and with no loading times.

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Granite for Unreal 4.9

We have released an update of our Granite for Unreal plugin to the latest version 4.9 of Unreal. Besides just upgrading to the latest Unreal code base, we also upgraded to the latest 2.6 version of our Granite SDK. Major new features of this release are:

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New Seat based license for Granite for Unreal

Granite for Unreal Seats

We’re very excited to announce that Granite for Unreal is now available per user with a seat based license! Starting from 690$ per user, we hope to get Granite for Unreal in the hands of every team that needs ultra-high resolution textures. And to celebrate our new license we’re offering a 100$ discount on every seat until the end of September 2015! It’s easier than ever to join the ranks of The Mill, IM360 Entertainment, Allegorithmic and The Farm 51 and use ultra-high resolution textures in real-time with Granite.

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Back in LA for SIGGRAPH 2015

Siggraph 2015 banner

We’re back in LA for SIGGRAPH 2015! The SIGGRAPH conference is focused on the latest developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques.  It’s 5 days packed with academic and technical goodness. You can find us at our booth (226) on the expo floor (south hall) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday where we’ll demo the latest Granite for Unreal. See how we automatically import hundreds of UDIM patches in UE4, how we enable ultra-high resolution lightmaps or how we render with textures up to 256K, all at ultra-high framerates for VR. We also have something to show you on Android!

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Granite for Unreal 4.8.3 out with light map streaming!

Only weeks after our previous release, we’re back with a new release (4.8.3) and two major new features: lightmap and environment map support! Simply put, this means even more texture content can now be streamed with Granite within the Unreal Engine. As you might have guessed, we’ve been focusing on real-time architectural visualization for this release. Having high resolution lightmaps is essential to achieve that photorealistic look!  You can read more on the new features below.

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