Use Cases

A practical overview of what you can use Granite SDK for and why you should.




Our fine-grained texture streaming technology Granite can handle any texture content. It is not specific to a certain object type in your virtual environments (e.g., terrain, characters, etc.). Granite is a solution to your problem once you have much more texture content in your scene or virtual world than you have video memory available. This is almost always the case in high-end real-time 3D applications.


Examples of content that Granite can handle are:


  • Characters and object textures
  • Large unique terrain textures
  • 3D scanned environments (e.g., Photogrammetry)
  • Satellite imagery
  • Large terrain masks
  • Huge lightmaps






Almost any application that is using real-time 3D rendering can benefit from using fine-grained texture steaming. Some examples:


  • High-end video games
  • Serious games
  • Architectural visualization
  • Product visualization
  • Training simulations


High-end video games are a great example because game developers are constantly pushing the limits of what can be done on current hardware. Next to graphics, video games run all kind of other subsystems (physics, AI, etc.) so each subsystem needs to be highly optimized to allow room for the others on mainstream hardware. The more efficient the components are, the lower the hardware specifications of the end-user, the gamer, need to be. Our highly efficient streaming system allows games to use higher quality assets resulting in shaper, better looking graphics, while keeping resource use to a minimum.


3D visualization is another application domain where fine-grained texture streaming can really make the difference. With visualization, the emphasis lies on high quality rendering, done in real-time to allow for an interactive experience. An architect likes to show off his design in the best possible way. Product designers and marketing departments feel the same. Using our technology, visualization applications can crank texture quality up to eleven and boost the graphics quality significantly. Frequently, these applications need to handle a large amount of data (a 3D scan of an entire city for example) and artists need to hand optimize the content to allow of an interactive experience. Using our streaming technology, using large amounts of content can be done out-of-the box. Manually optimizing texture data (usually scaling down the resolution or hand optimizing UV-layouts) is no longer necessary.

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