Graphine supplies technology
to the video game and 3D visualization industries
that brings real-time graphics quality to the next level.
We remove the technical boundaries to creativity.

Granite SDK

Granite SDK eliminates texture-related memory and loading time issues to get ultra-high quality graphics in real-time on mainstream hardware for 3D visualization and video games.


We are experts in the field of real-time 3D graphics, 3D render engines, game engines, texture streaming and compression, video streaming and compression and GPU programming. Ask us and we'll solve your issues.


Graphine Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Unity Technologies Acquires Graphine

Graphine Monday, November 12, 2018

Texel Space Shading

Graphine Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Auto Removing Unseen Texture Detail


Graphine is a Belgian software developer that develops graphics middleware and tools for real-time 3D visualization and video games. We combine far-reaching knowhow with a continues strive for innovation.

Founded in 2013, Graphine builds on years of industry-driven academic research conducted by the founding team. Our texture streaming technology was used by Microsoft in June 2013 to demonstrate the future of real-time graphics. Around the same time the first game to use our technology, Dragon Commander by Larian Studios, shipped, running smoothly on thousands of machines.

We are dedicated to building high-quality, robust and highly optimized technology that raises the bar for real-time graphics on all devices. By closely collaborating with our customers, we tailor our technology to suit their needs. We’d love to hear more about your projects to see if we can help.

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