Graphine in the Microsoft //build/ keynote and tiled resources talk

This morning our technology demo was shown as part of the Microsoft //build keynote. The keynote introduced the DirectX “tiled resources” API as one of the key technologies that enables developers to make games with unprecedented amounts of detail. At Graphine we’ve obviously believed in this vision for a long time and we´re very excited to be part of this reveal and of course the availability of hardware acceleration through DirectX 11.2.

Later this afternoon we´ll also be giving a talk together with Microsoft´s Matt Sandy that will expose more details about the tiled resources API and our use of it. This API basically exposes the underlying hardware page table to application developers. Our product, the Granite SDK, then builds on top of this API to offer a full “virtual texturing “ operating system by adding streaming (swapping), compression, residency management and tools.

Come see our talk at 3:30 in room 304! The video of the presentation will be uploaded here:

Edit: June 27th 2013

Here's a short clip of the //build/ keynote. SVP of Microsoft Antoine Leblond talks about the new Windows 8.1 feature "Tiled Resources". He shows the benefits with two live demos, one from Microsoft, and our 'Glider' demo using the new Direct3D 11.2 feature. You can find some high resolution screenhots in the gallery below.



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