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Graphine is a worldwide leader in graphics engineering. Started in Belgium in 2013, our team of 7 develop the most advanced graphics middleware for companies that work in real time engines by combining far-reaching knowhow with a continuous strive for innovation. The company applies these strengths to realize its mission: delivering HD texture technology that enables game developers to focus on their creative core challenges. Every day, Graphine raises the bar in texture streaming and compression with rock solid, stable technology that allows for minimal loading times, minimal memory usage and minimal storage size. We also offer our services in consulting missions for companies that are willing to push visual boundaries.​




Founder, CEO

Aljosha is our born entrepreneur.His childhood fascination of video games and computer technology led to the unavoidable master’s degree in ICT and in software engineering. High performance, highly parallel, beautifully designed software is his engineering passion.


Next to technology, Aljosha has a strong interest in the technology industry and in bringing a product to market. His research career at the Ghent University was focused on doing all sorts of cool things with (GP)GPU’s and real-time 3D rendering. On the side, he battled others in business plan competitions.

A team player at heart, Aljosha couldn’t keep all that cool technology for himself. So, together with the team that can make it happen, Aljosha founded Graphine that can bring it to the world. He now spends his time as CEO of this company. 
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Founder, CTO

Charles is our technology octopus. [collapse]Having worked in games, avionics and research, Charles knows what it takes to deliver rock solid software that finishes on time while incorporating the latest and greatest technology evolutions.


Charles started in the games industry by releasing the popular Tenebrae mod on the web. Tenebrae was first to feature fully real-time lighting and shadows in a game. After slowing down Belgian's biggest internet service provider due to its popularity, it was only a matter of time until he got headhunted for a job in games. As a graphics programmer at Splash Damage, he helped to co-develop the MegaTexture technology in cooperation with id Software. Charles then went on to work at Barco where he developed graphics monitoring units for plane cockpits, crashes or graphics glitches were simply not an option.

Having finished his PhD on real-time graphics and large image dataset processing, Charles now joined Graphine as a co-founder and CTO. 
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Founder, CSO

Bart is our technology optimizer. Even though he has mainly worked in research , he knows it all comes down to getting a good user experience by having your results on the screen in time. At an early age Bart was fascinated by the high tech and real time aspects of games and video rendering and started working on his own video coding algorithms and game assembly optimizations.


He never got around to publishing his hobby results, so he fixed that by working as a researcher at the University of Ghent. There, when GPUs were still at their infancy, Bart was already manipulating shader transistors in GPGPU applications accelerating video coding. As one of the first to work on CUDA technology, he succeeded in his mission to deliver faster next-gen and ultra-hd (yes, ultra-hd, that’s 8k by 4k pixels) video and image compression, finished his PhD, but not while not having some fun on accelerating video gaming in the cloud. Finally, he did his part for human kind when he worked on accelerating medical imaging algorithms for tomographic reconstruction.

Bart now joined Graphine as a co-founder and CSO, that is, chief science officer. 
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