Major Granite for Unity Release

We’ve released a major update of our Granite for Unity plugin. The update is released for 2018.2.

If you already use our plugin, you can download it here. If you're new with the benefits of the Granite SDK, discover the most advanced texture streaming system for Unity 3D.

This post goes into the details of what’s new and how you can benefit from it.

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Texel Space Shading

Nvidia has been talking about Texel Space Shading support in their Turing GPU. From a distance, this technique somewhat resembles procedural virtual texturing, although both techniques are substantially different. You might not have heard about procedural VT so in this blog we’ll compare the old and the new and discuss how they can be applied to optimize GPU performance and increase framerate. You can skip the section about procedural VT if you’re only interested in Texel Space Shading.

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Auto Removing Unseen Texture Detail

Culling texture data in A boy and His Kite proof of concept

From 4.5GB to 230MB on disk in Epic’s Cinematic “A Boy and his Kite”

Could we save disk space by removing texture regions that are never visible? At Graphine we are developing a texture culling system into our Granite streaming SDK. We tested a working prototype on Epic’s award-winning ‘A Boy and His Kite’. The results are stunning: we reduced the texture storage footprint for the cinematic shot in this demo from 4.5GB to 230MB, keeping just 5% of the original textures, and all without any visible loss of quality.

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Interactieve 3D-Technologie voor Vlaamse bedrijven

Audi City London using interactive 3D rendering to show car configurations in the showroom

Een interview met Graphine CEO Aljosha Demeulemeester.

Graphine: Kan je kort uitleggen wat Graphine doet?

Aljosha: Graphine is Belgische pionier in het ontwikkelen van softwaretechnologie voor 3D, VR en AR. Wij ontwikkelen al jaren state-of-the-art technologie voor video game bedrijven, virtual reality bedrijven allerhande en nu ook augmented reality applicatiebouwers wereldwijd. Onze klantenportfolio bevat ondertussen onder andere leidinggevende bedrijven zoals NASA, Oculus, Epic Games, Audi, CBS, Dreamworks Interactive en Weta Digital.

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Why the future of 3D graphics is in high-resolution textures

This article investigates the importance of high-resolution textures in achieving the best visual quality for gaming, AR, and VR applications and what role texture streaming systems such as Granite SDK play in this ecosystem. We will investigate how modern real-time engines can benefit from high-resolution textures, how these textures can be created cost-effectively, and how these textures can be visualized in real-time without sacrificing performance or increasing texture memory use.

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