Why the future of 3D graphics is in high-resolution textures

This article investigates the importance of high-resolution textures in achieving the best visual quality for gaming, AR, and VR applications and what role texture streaming systems such as Granite SDK play in this ecosystem. We will investigate how modern real-time engines can benefit from high-resolution textures, how these textures can be created cost-effectively, and how these textures can be visualized in real-time without sacrificing performance or increasing texture memory use.

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Graphine in het hart van de 3D, AR en VR industrie

Van 19 tot 23 maart vond de jaarlijkse Game Developer Conference plaats. Ook dit jaar waren we erbij en het werden 5 geweldige dagen met heel wat nieuwe contacten maar ook terugzien van partners en vrienden. We stonden strategisch opgesteld in de “South hall” tussen kleppers als Oculus, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Google en Amazon.

Exposure en kwaliteitsvolle afspraken

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Here's to a successful GDC

2 weeks ago we exhibited at Game Developers Conference. It was an amazing opportunity for us to meet with existing partners and get to know new friends. Over the three days we met with dozens of people from all over the world and showcased Graphine’s expertise to the largest audience of the industry.

A new showreel

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Granite SDK 5.0 is out !

Granite SDK tile based streaming on 3D scene with glider and large terrain

Granite SDK is still the fastest and most memory efficient texture streaming system out there, no news here.

For SDK 5, we focused on artist iteration time, file versioning and data transfers during production. We completely removed the need to create large file atlases. You can now stream directly from individual (stacked) texture assets, our compressed GTex files.

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Chat with us at GDC

Picture of the Graphine booth at GDC 2015

We’re getting ready to swap northern winter weather for sun (or fog) in San Francisco! Like every year, we’re showing off our latest projects and technology at the Game Developers Conference, one of our most important events in the year. We'll even have a Belgian minister visiting on Wednesday! You can find Aljosha, Clement and Nico on the showfloor at our booth #2012 (South Hall). We look forward to seeing you there!

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