Bring your CG content into real-time

Our flagship product Granite allows you to use gigabytes of texture data in real-time scenes. This not only helps pushing the quality of games toward CG fidelity levels, but it also makes the opposite possible: using assets generated for CG productions in real-time environments.

A good example of this is the recent remake of the RISE short movie as a virtual reality experience in real-time. The RISE DK2 Tech Demo is a fully immersive virtual reality experience that combines science fiction cinema with virtual reality. It was previously rendered off-line using V-Ray. Textures were imported in V-Ray as UDIM files exported from the MARI texture painting app. The textures themselves are very high resolution assets with millimeter-scale texel sizes in some areas. The textures also contain high dynamic range scanned data that captures every subtle aspect of the scene’s lighting. In total, the textures were about 9 Gigabyte when stored as compressed .exr files. Using this in real-time is well beyond the limits of even the highest end consumer cards, and considering textures need to be uncompressed for rendering, even a very high-end Nvidia Quadro K6000 card (which has a total of 12 gigabytes of GPU memory) will not allow this scene to be smoothly visualized.

However, by adopting Granite for Unreal this content could be adapted to real-time rendering without reducing the quality of the HDR lighting or lowering the texture resolution. Every bit of detail which was there in the off-line rendered footage is now visualized in real-time. The switch to real-time gives users a greater immersion and allows them to fully appreciate the incredible amount of detail present in the scene.

Of course seeing is believing, so check out the videos below which show the scene rendered using both V-Ray and Granite for Unreal. If you want to experience the real-time version yourself, be sure to check-out our booth (#101) at the upcoming GDC next week. Finally, if you want to learn how to create such content yourself, you should check out the behind-the-scenes videos where Nurulize’s Chief Creative Officer Scott Metzger goes into more details on the production of the content.

Off-line rendered using VRAY

RISE VR DK2 tech Demo running in real-time
using the Granite SDK

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