New Seat based license for Granite for Unreal

Granite for Unreal Seats

We’re very excited to announce that Granite for Unreal is now available per user with a seat based license! Starting from 690$ per user, we hope to get Granite for Unreal in the hands of every team that needs ultra-high resolution textures. And to celebrate our new license we’re offering a 100$ discount on every seat until the end of September 2015! It’s easier than ever to join the ranks of The Mill, IM360 Entertainment, Allegorithmic and The Farm 51 and use ultra-high resolution textures in real-time with Granite.

Granite for Unreal extends UE4.8 with Granite SDK, the most advanced texture streaming and virtual texturing middleware available. Up until now, Granite for Unreal was only available as a per project license. This is ideal for large video game productions where you have a clearly defined project. However, not only large game studios need to handle high resolution textures or very dense scenes with hundreds of 4K or 8K textures. Our new seat license allows every team to jump in and start using Granite.

To make sure that we have the right license for every project, we even created two different kind of seats. We have a perpetual seat that ensures that you can continue to use your version of Granite indefinitely. We also have a subscription with yearly payments that’s ideal for shorter projects or when you’re looking to minimize the upfront cost. You can read more about our new seat license on the Granite for Unreal page or on our license FAQ page.

Want to try it out? Get your free 30 day trial here!

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