Stream Nodes: new workflow in Granite for Unreal

Hey everyone! We’ve been extremely busy with a range of projects so we almost forgot to tell you about our new workflow for Unreal! You can jump in and watch the tutorial video below.

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Granite SDK 4.3 is out!

Guess what? We just released the latest version of our technology: Granite SDK 4.3! This is the result of months of work and we hope you will enjoy the new features. What's new? Here's a little breakdown of the main things we brought to Granite:

  • A new paging strategy for the Tile Set files that allows having one page file (.GTP) per asset (stacked texture). This makes file versioning and distribution during production much more efficient. It also allows for small patches to end-users.
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Granite for Unity 2017 is here and brings new improvements

Spawning 1K, 2K, 4K and 8K textures has never been so smooth since Osiris integrated Granite for Unity.

During the last months, we significantly improved our Granite plugin for Unity. We are happy to release a new version to help you create even more amazing applications thanks to our advanced texture streaming system. We’re also very proud that our plugin is used in one of the best looking Unity games to date: Osiris: New Dawn!

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Virtual Production to VR with CBS Digital: a case study

Over a hundred of 8K textures have been used in this Daredevil VR experience thanks to Granite for Unreal texture streaming system.

We’ve been working on game engines for many years now and it’s been amazing to see how video game technology and real-time render engines have found their way into completely new industries.

This is why we listened with the highest interest CBS Digital's Craig Weiss and Jim Berndt present their work on stage at SIGGRAPH 2017. After working with them on their virtual production tools for some time, it’s rewarding to see the results being showcased to an audience of highly qualified technicians in this world-leading conference.

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Mass Appeal: How the top MMO and open-world creators are building their worlds on Granite

Our flagship texture streaming and compression system has come a long way since it started out. Initially embraced by companies wishing to display massive textures within real-time experiences, Granite SDK helped add awe-inspiring realism to virtual reality experiences such as Solfar Studios’ Everest VR.

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