Granite for Unity 5.4

We are happy to announce that we just released an update of our streaming plugin Granite for Unity.

Among the different improvements of our technology, we can most notably mention:

  • The upgrade to Unity 5.4.
  • A significant improvement of the performance. In some cases, the Granite workload per frame has improved by a factor of 10.
  • Now get an even more solid frame rate with the HTC Vive or Oculus headset.

You can get your hands on it on this page.

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The first VR experiences powered by Granite are released

After a crazy demand with pre-roders at launch, VR headsets are now being delivered on time, and more and more customers can get their hands on the first VR experiences.

At Graphine we're proud that at least three of our partners have released apps for VR that everyone can enjoy.

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Granite for experts: Summer tutorials. Ep#1: Batch import

We hope you're having a nice summer! Here at Graphine, we're polishing our newest version of our SDK but while you're waiting for it, we thought we would help you make the most of our technology. We decided to create a mini series of video tutorials, which will show you some of the main features of Granite..

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The first social virtual city

Our partners at Timefire VR have been hard at work in the last months creating the first city in virtual reality: Hypatia. This project will allow the users to explore other people's imagination as well as share their own creations. You will be able to socialize with others as well as travel and learn about different cultures.

To achieve the best visual quality, Timefire VR has been using Granite SDK. Thanks to our technology they can use huge textures and display them in their VR project at 90 fps, leading to sharp graphics and a stronger immersion.

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Wargaming upcoming titles will be powered by Granite

Wargaming logo

At Graphine, we pride ourselves on collaborating with some of the most innovative companies in the world. We've partnered with several companies that drive us to continue pushing the boundaries of our technology so creators could deliver the best possible quality.

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