Survios joins the list of Granite's users

We are very proud to announce that VR pioneers Survios is now a licensee of Granite SDK.

As you can see on their web site, every one of their projects looks more exciting than the others!.

One of their most famous projects, Raw Data, the first co-op VR project will be coming to Early Access very soon. Check their Steam page or their web site for more information.

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Granite for Unreal 4.11 is out

Launched just last week, Unreal Engine 4.11 is a major update that focused a lot on improving the render performance. It’s a critical release for every VR project that is aiming to launch in the next months now that the headsets are out. So we made sure we released just days after the final 4.11.

On top of the performance benefits in Unreal, Granite users will experience an additional major performance increase. We’ve offloaded almost all the Granite work from the render thread saving up to 2 milliseconds in some extreme cases.

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Realities ships on SteamVR

Another example of what you can achieve with Granite SDK hits the market!

Thanks to our partner, it's now possible to travel the world for free without leaving the comfort of your living-room! The Realities application is released today on Steam for the lucky ones who have received their headsets.

We have showcased the demo at our booth at GDC last month and most of the users have been amazed by the experience. It was a pleasure to welcome so many of you there.

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A look back at GDC

This year again, the Graphine’s Team made it to SF to showcase the latest versions of our technology. It’s been a busy week packed with interesting meetings, unexpected encounters - and a few parties ;-)

A take on VR

Virtual Reality was definitely the main trend of this year’s GDC. With the release of the 3 main systems this year, we can expect this to remain under the spotlights for the next couple of year. We took the advantage to demonstrate 2 case studies of projects that used Granite to display the best visual quality in their VR experiences.

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Graphine Schedule at GDC 2016

We’re back in San Francisco for GDC 2016! We’re really looking forward to showing off the projects by Sólfar Studios,, TimeFire VR, our new tech demo Megalith, and Epic’s A Boy and his Kite, now using virtual texturing.  You can find our complete booth schedule with more info below. Hope to see you at booth 429! 

Wednesday March 16

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