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Dominic Eskofier, CEO at realities.io

“With Realities, we put real, mesmerizing places 1:1 into Virtual Reality and make them fully explorable – at a quality level that we couldn’t achieve without Granite. Walking around in Realities’ unique environments is the closest thing to actually be at the places we capture – thanks to the great performance and extreme texture resolutions we get from Granite in Unreal Engine 4.”

Wojciech Pazdur, Development Director at The Farm 51

“Graphine’s texture streaming system, Granite, helps to solve the issues that accompany huge amounts of scanned data. With their help, we’ll be able to create pixel perfect graphics in Get Even.”

John Wise, Founder at Timefire VR

“Using Granite to texture our large scale VR environment offers us the ability to bring greater realism and detail to Hypatia while at the same time allowing faster rendering of frames to VR headsets compared to our previous use of bitmaps. Considering how important it is to maintain fast per frame rendering times for VR, any tool that comes along like Granite that allows us to offer a better experience is critical to helping launch a successful title.”

Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, CEO at Sólfar

“Delivering AAA graphics on virtual reality platforms demands an advanced solution for texture streaming that maintains visual fidelity across all VR platforms and GPU combinations. With Granite SDK we´ve found the perfect scalable solution for this challenge.”

Andrzej Poznanski, Co-founder at The Astronauts

"With modern GPUs efficiently rendering huge amounts of geometry with complex shaders and postprocessing at UHD resolution, the single biggest bottleneck is texture memory. Granite overcomes that limitation, efficiently streaming previously unthinkable number of ultra high resolution textures, with added bonus of substantially reduced level load times."

James Loe, Technical Director at Wargaming

“Ultra-high resolution textures are a key component in building the dense, highly realistic graphics that our players expect. Granite SDK allows us to create this content without needing to worry about memory or streaming issues. The Graphine team is a great partner that makes sure that their tools fit perfectly into our workflow. They are open to adding new features when needed and deliver updates on a tight schedule that matches our business and development needs extremely well.”

Sam Evans, Co-Founder at Digital Confectioners

"Licensing the Granite SDK for our upcoming projects was an easy decision which really amplifies the impact of our art team. With Granite managing texturing we can get higher fidelity with better performance - without having to dedicate a huge amount of engineering effort and art pipeline discipline. The key challenge we face at Digital Confectioners is delivering high quality results, but within our limited budget. We don't have a massive team - so we really need each of our people making a strong impact. And a key part of that is using the best tools available. Granite allows our artists to use standard workflows for asset generation, creating assets with high fidelity. And when those assets are rendered in-world we don't compromise on performance - with Granite cleverly automating the use of those textures. Customers are demanding higher and higher performance with platforms like VR, and with Granite we can respond to that."

Alfredo Chaves, Executive Producer at Minority Media

“Achieving the level of realism that we envision for our title would only be possible with Granite. Being on mobile with the high quality bar we are setting goes through working with great partners like Graphine”.

Kevin Andersen, Lead Technical Artist at Survios

“Granite pretty much solved all of our texture-optimization issues with a single plug-in.”.

Fred Richardson, CTO at Funcom

“For Conan Exiles, the sheer size of the world and number of unique meshes populating it meant that memory usage on GPU was always going to be a major bottleneck. Predictably, the biggest usage of VRAM was overwhelmingly textures. Without any clear rules on what textures could be used in what parts of the game world, our lack of an advanced texture streaming system meant we originally had to use extremely low-resolution textures on memory-constrained devices. Granite proved to be an excellent solution to this problem, providing out-of-the-box texture compression and streaming support. In practice, this allowed us to provide high resolution textures on a wide range of hardware, including GPUs with just 1 GB of VRAM. We would not have been able to support the same range of hardware without it, nor offer the same degree of visual fidelity, even on 4 GB+ GPUs.”.

Antonio Cervantes, Technical Artist at Fenix Fire

“Adding Granite to Osiris: New Dawn has allowed us to substantially expand our variety of structures, vehicles, and characters without having to sacrifice any texture resolution. The team at Graphine are truly passionate about Granite and it clearly shows in their product.”

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