Granite for Unreal License FAQ

On how many computers can I install Granite for Unreal with 1 Seat?

One seat allows you to install Granite for Unreal on up to two machines (one primary and one secundary computer) for use only by the same user. You may not use both installations simultaneously.

Our licenses are ‘semi-node locked’ in that sense that we allow you to deactivate an install and re-use it. In other words, you can change your machine but you need to notify us so that we can reset your account. There is a time limit of two weeks between machine changes.

You can find more info on how to de-activate at our documentation center.

How long can I use my seat?

You can use your seat for an unlimited amount of time.

Does everyone in my team need a seat?

You only need a seat for every machine that needs to run the Unreal Engine 4 editor or one of the Granite tools. People that focus on creating content outside of the engine do not require a license. Test machines that run a shipping build of your application also do not require a license.

My computer crashed. Can I install on a new computer?

Yes! See this questions.

Do I get the same technology when licensing a Seat compared to a per project license?

Both the Seat license and the project license have the same capabilities, although the project license comes with additional tools to support larger productions. The project license also contains the full Granite SDK documentation so you can customize the Granite integration in Unreal to your project. Project licensees also have access to intermediate Granite for Unreal builds that contain unreleased features.

You have a Seat license but also a Project license. Which one do I need?

In general, the Seat license is more appropriate if you have multiple smaller projects per year that use Granite, or, if you only need a couple of Seats. If your project will take a year or more to develop with 20 people or more, then a project license is probably something to consider. To set-up a project license, you need to have a clear project definition and a clear view on the project budget.

One thing to keep in mind is that the target platforms Playstation 4 and Xbox One are only available as a project license. If you are targeting these platforms, then you’ll need a project license for those platforms.

What platforms can I run on?

The Granite editor and tools are only available for Windows PC at the moment.

If you have a Seat license, the following target platforms are available: Windows PC.

If you have a Project license, the following target platforms are available: Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Ask us about Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

Seat licenses and project licenses are nice but I need a companywide license. Do you provide this?

Yes! Contact us to discuss what you need

I need many Seats! Do you offer some kind of volume discount?

Yes! We offer large volume discounts up to -20%. You can find more information on the discount in the store.


Do I need to buy a new seat for every new Unreal version?

No! If you buy a seat you get 12 months of upgrades to every new Unreal version. These upgrades are available within two weeks after a new Unreal version is released (usually sooner). We don’t consider previews/release candidates as an Unreal release.

When can I expect the next release?

We release a new version of Granite for Unreal for every new Unreal version. Such a release is usually more than just an upgrade to a new engine version. Granite for Unreal is based on our flexible and powerful Granite SDK. Every new release exposes more features of Granite SDK inside of Unreal. We are also constantly adding workflow and user interface improvements.

What applications can I create with Granite for Unreal? Are there differences between the licenses?

Both the Seat license and the standard Project license allow you to create entertainment products like games and cinematic experiences. Architectural visualization and production visualization applications are also allowed. The standard licenses do not allow you to use Granite for military and gambling applications or in an online application platform. Also, the use in any kind of tool or virtual world editor to license or distribute to 3rth parties is explicitly not allowed. Contact us if you need a license for an excluded application:

How much does a project license cost?

This is project specific. Contact us with a description of your project, including your project budget and a list of your target platforms for more information.

Can I upgrade from Seat licenses to a Project license?

Yes. It can make sense to use a couple of seats during the pre-production of your game and get a project license once you get the project funded and you get into full production. You can get a discount on your project license if you used your Seats for less than one year.

Where can I download available updates?

You can download all available versions at

I need help using Granite. Where are you?

You find the documentation at

You can use our online support center to ask questions or report any issues at

Questions are usually answered within one to three days. Our minimal support service that is included with every seat is valid for one year and guarantees an answer within 10 business days.

We also offer extensive support to give extensive answers within 24 hours (on workdays). You can reach us using email, phone and skype conferencing. Contact us to learn more about extensive support and priority bugfixes at

Do I need to pay royalties or some kind of fee per end-user?


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