Granite for Unreal: Technical features

Maximum texture size 262.144 x 262.144
Number of Tile Sets per project 12 + lightmaps
Maximum number of texture pixels per project 4.398 gigapixel* (3-6 TB)
Maximum number of 4K PBR materials 49.152
Maximum number of 8K    PBR materials 12.288
UDIM patch layout 10 x 32 grid
Command line import tool (for automated builds) Yes
Configurable Tile Size Yes
Compression settings on disk DXT/BC, Lossless, Compressed (high, medium, low quality)
Streaming heightmaps Yes
Streaming displacement maps Yes
Streaming cubemaps Yes
Streaming lightmaps (integrated with Lightmass) Yes
Alpha blending Yes
High Dynamic Range (HDR) textures Yes
VR (Oculus, Vive, …) Support Yes
Stereoscopic Rendering Yes
Allegorithmic Substances Yes (baked)
Maximum Granite textures per material 4 (including lightmaps)
Maximum channels per Granite texture 12 (4 layers)
Imports UDIM textures Yes
MARI exporter plugin Yes
Imports tiled image formats Yes
Compressed GPU caches Yes
Tile Set Studio
(user friendly import tool)
Compression transcoding Yes (fast, high quality)
Disk Type optimization Yes ( SSD, 5400rpm HD, 7200 rpm HD)
Graphics API DirectX 11.x, DX12 coming soon
Target Platform Windows PC (others available with project license)  
Supported project types C++ and blueprint

* 1 gigapixel = pixels

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