Glaz allows you to easily build interactive cinematic experiences for desktop or Virtual Reality using your ultra-high-quality 3D scans or hand-painted assets.

Use all your ultra-detailed assets

Powered by Granite SDK, Glaz handles dense 3D scans of real environments, hand-painted UDIM textures with the quality normally reserved for VFX, procedurally generated landscapes and anything else you can generate. Import thousands of 4Ks or huge single textures up to 512K!

Set up cinematic experiences easily

Add camera paths to your scene, select camera properties and color filters, choose a skybox,…, all very intuitively and easily. Start with your high-quality assets and end with an immersive interactive cinematic experience. No need to license and use a game engine!

Render in 4K @ 90FPS for VR

Glaz can render your content razor sharp, even at 4K, reaching that ultra-high visual quality. Share your project as an interactive application that will hit 90 frames per second for the best Virtual Reality experience!

Instead of baking pre-rendered movies or generating screenshots, Glaz now gives you the ability to share your content as a stylized experience where the user can control the camera or follow predetermined paths that you define. It allows you to explore your assets in Virtual Reality with its support for VR head-mounted devices.

Coming soon.

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