Granite for Unreal adds Granite SDK, the most advanced texture streaming system, to Unreal Engine 4, enabling you to handle massive amounts of texture data while using less memory and eliminating loading time.

Handles all your textures

Use texture resolutions up to 256K. Or UDIM textures with hundreds of patches. Or hundreds of individual 4K or 8K textures. Granite allows you to use up to a thousand gigapixels of physically based (HDR) textures, heightmaps, displacement maps, lightmaps or any other content that was photographed, 3D scanned, hand painted or procedurally generated. At the same time, Granite removes loading times, compresses the textures on disk and uses very little memory (<1GB).

Plug-and play without manual work

Granite for Unreal is a pre-made integration for Unreal Engine 4. Immediately start importing all your ultra-high-quality assets in Unreal. You select which assets to stream, Granite will take care of the rest. No need to modify UVs, even for UDIM textures. Granite will automatically calculate UV offsets and apply them when need. No manual work required!

4K @ 90FPS
for VR

High resolution screens need a lot of texture content to achieve that ultra-high visual quality. Granite for Unreal can handle massive amounts of content on mainstream hardware, even at 4K. The streaming system is highly optimized, with on-disk compression, compressed memory caches, multithreaded job system integration and limited impact on the GPU. Hit ultra-high frame rates (90FPS) for the best Virtual Reality experience!

Granite for Unreal is available as a Seat license and a Project license.

A seat license allows one person to use Granite for Unreal to create and ship an unlimited amount of games or visualization applications.

A project license allows you to integrate Granite into one specific application. This license is available per target platform.

More details on the licenses can be found below or at the license FAQ page

Seat License

  • 30 days
  • Get all updates
  • Free
  • PRO
  • Buy and own forever
  • Get 12 months of updates
  • $890
    (or less*)

* Volume discounts up to -20%. More info in the store.

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Develop and release an application on one single platform.


Develop and release an application on multiple platforms.


Develop and release an application on multiple platforms using the source code.

Target platforms

Windows PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One
(ask us about Linux, Mac or Android)

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