Auto Removing Unseen Texture Detail

Culling texture data in A boy and His Kite proof of concept

From 4.5GB to 230MB on disk in Epic’s Cinematic “A Boy and his Kite”

Could we save disk space by removing texture regions that are never visible? At Graphine we are developing a texture culling system into our Granite streaming SDK. We tested a working prototype on Epic’s award-winning ‘A Boy and His Kite’. The results are stunning: we reduced the texture storage footprint for the cinematic shot in this demo from 4.5GB to 230MB, keeping just 5% of the original textures, and all without any visible loss of quality.

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Digital Media and ICT are at the core of iMinds research. At iMinds they’re experimenting with technologies that are applied and evaluated in many application fields (think gaming, media production, immersive environments…) that have the potential to revolutionize the way we experience and interact with imagery. This is why visualization is such a big part of their upcoming conference. Because of our experience in that field, we’ve been asked to host a talk at iMinds The Conference on October 23rd.

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The Farm 51 uses Granite SDK to Create Truly Next Gen Graphics

Get Even by The Farm 51

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with The Farm 51. Our Polish friends have been working hard on Get Even, a game that’s set to deliver truly next generation graphics. Next to its innovative gameplay that keeps the player second-guessing what’s real, the team in Gliwice has been experimenting with 3D scanning with great success. Their first trailer showcases what can be achieved using photogrammetry. You can watch it here.

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Granite SDK is nominated for an Award in Industry Excellence

Develop Awards Finalist

It’s always great to get recognition for your work, but it’s even better when you receive said recognition from your industry peers. To see appreciation for what you do from the people you’re developing for… So we’re genuinely thankful for the nomination we received as a finalist in the category Tools: Design & Creativity of the Develop Awards!

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New Granite SDK release: version 2.3

Granite SDK 2.3 - Logo

Along with dozens of optimizations and small enhancements, we’ve extended Granite SDK with 3 big new features: Multi-File Granite Tile Sets, BC7 texture format support and BC6 texture format support.

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Granite for Unreal Engine 4!

For quite some time now, we have been sharing our Unreal 4 integration with our trusted partners as an integration example of our Granite SDK. Over the last months, the code has matured into a user-friendly and robust module that exposes the power of virtual texturing and fine-grained texture streaming straight from within the editor of Unreal Engine 4.

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Granite SDK 2.2 is here! New logo and … new features!

We’re proud to release the latest update to the Granite SDK: version 2.2.


Not only did Granite SDK get its very own logo, but it also (and more importantly) got some new features added in: performance statistics gathering and visualization, a significant revisit of our tools and support for HDR textures. Getting the optimal streaming performance and texture quality has never been more straight-forward!


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Granite SDK Update: Version 2.0

Granite SDK 2.0 - Glider Logo

Graphine released Granite SDK v 2.0 today (December 10th 2013)!


With the second major update to the Granite SDK, we introduce three main improvements over the previous iteration that help bring visually impressive experiences to life and enable that next level of graphical detail.



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