Texel Space Shading

Nvidia has been talking about Texel Space Shading support in their Turing GPU. From a distance, this technique somewhat resembles procedural virtual texturing, although both techniques are substantially different. You might not have heard about procedural VT so in this blog we’ll compare the old and the new and discuss how they can be applied to optimize GPU performance and increase framerate. You can skip the section about procedural VT if you’re only interested in Texel Space Shading.

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Granite SDK 5.0 is out !

Granite SDK tile based streaming on 3D scene with glider and large terrain

Granite SDK is still the fastest and most memory efficient texture streaming system out there, no news here.

For SDK 5, we focused on artist iteration time, file versioning and data transfers during production. We completely removed the need to create large file atlases. You can now stream directly from individual (stacked) texture assets, our compressed GTex files.

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Stream Nodes: new workflow in Granite for Unreal

Hey everyone! We’ve been extremely busy with a range of projects so we almost forgot to tell you about our new workflow for Unreal! You can jump in and watch the tutorial video below.

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Granite SDK 4.3 is out!

Guess what? We just released the latest version of our technology: Granite SDK 4.3! This is the result of months of work and we hope you will enjoy the new features. What's new? Here's a little breakdown of the main things we brought to Granite:

  • A new paging strategy for the Tile Set files that allows having one page file (.GTP) per asset (stacked texture). This makes file versioning and distribution during production much more efficient. It also allows for small patches to end-users.
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How Funcom tackled texturing for a large open world in Conan Exiles in a very short amount of time

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This article is a crosspost of the article found on the Unreal Engine website.

My name is Aljosha Demeulemeester. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Graphine, a Belgian middleware company based in the city of Ghent. Graphine creates texture streaming and texture compression technologies for the video game and 3D visualization industries. 

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The Farm 51 uses Granite SDK to Create Truly Next Gen Graphics

Get Even by The Farm 51

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with The Farm 51. Our Polish friends have been working hard on Get Even, a game that’s set to deliver truly next generation graphics. Next to its innovative gameplay that keeps the player second-guessing what’s real, the team in Gliwice has been experimenting with 3D scanning with great success. Their first trailer showcases what can be achieved using photogrammetry. You can watch it here.

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Granite Mines: a Granite for Unity-demo

Granite Mines Demo

With our Granite for Unity going into Beta, we’re ready to show off the plugin in all its glory with our new Granite Mines demo (first revealed at Gamescom). This striking new demo, content created by the hand of Triangle Factory, shows how well a deep integration of Granite SDK’s Unity plugin handles large amounts of unique texture assets.

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New Granite SDK release: version 2.3

Granite SDK 2.3 - Logo

Along with dozens of optimizations and small enhancements, we’ve extended Granite SDK with 3 big new features: Multi-File Granite Tile Sets, BC7 texture format support and BC6 texture format support.

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Granite for Unreal Engine 4!

For quite some time now, we have been sharing our Unreal 4 integration with our trusted partners as an integration example of our Granite SDK. Over the last months, the code has matured into a user-friendly and robust module that exposes the power of virtual texturing and fine-grained texture streaming straight from within the editor of Unreal Engine 4.

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